new bags for December?

  1. I apologize if this has been covered, but is going to update this Friday? Anything new before Christmas and PCE? TIA
  2. Isn't the resort line due out? Macy's has some new bags up already.
  3. I only heard about the Resort Line coming out. The Heritage Line will not be in the stores until late December. I am waiting on the new Pleated Ergo Hobos which will come
    out sometime in March. I am already thinking ahead to Spring.
  4. I know, I have been wondering what is coming out too. :yes: Usually it seems like they are coming out with new ones so fast, but since I haven't really been in love with a lot from this current line I have been really anxious to see!!! :drool:
  5. new bags all the time -i can hardly keep up!
  6. thanks guys, nothing strikes my fancy, thank goodness!
  7. ITA. Usually something gets my attention, but I haven't been excited about anything since the new legacies came out in fall (with the leighs and the embossed suede). Hopefully SOMETHING new comes out in time for PCE! :s
  8. I dunno, but I'm nervous everytime I hold my breath, because once I see something I want, I HAVE to have it, then I'm in trouble. lol.

    Someone said awhile back that they were coming out w/ PINK sig and leathe Ergo totes? Is that true????? If so, when do those come out???? :wtf::drool: THAT is what I'm waiting for!!!! Does anyone have any info on these? Thanks!
  9. pink signature would be out for spring. If this is true, I can't wait.
  10. Pink Signature is being released in the Heritage Stripe Totes and Heritage Stripe bags at the end of December. Ergo Pleated Hobos will be out in March 2008. I don't know anything about totes but if they are designing new Ergo Hobos there will probably be new Ergo totes as well.
  11. Wohoo! Thanks Liz and superstar!!!!! EEeeek!!!! I can't wait to see what they have in store!
  12. Ooh! Pink sig!
  13. :drool::nuts::wtf::yahoo:
  14. I think i may have been the one who posted about the pink Ergos! My SA told me about them back in August!;)
    I can't wait. He said there will be khaki sig w/ pink and I can only assume all pink leather as well.....:tup:
  15. Resort floorset goes up 12/3 according to the manager at the boutique I shop at.