New Bags don't Match Dress :(

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  1. Dh and I are going away for a night this weekend while my mom stays with the kids. I've recently lost about 20 lb (still have about 20 to go), so I bought a new dress to show off my smaller size. It has a red, black and white pattern.

    THEN dh brought me the Berry Carly... and I remembered that I have the Vintage Violet Clutch in magenta. So I bought a dress that won't go with the bags I want to carry! :sad:

    Obviously, I will have to find a new dress... And only on tPF will no one find that odd! :roflmfao: Maybe I'll have to go with a basic LBD.
  2. Honestly, I don't think it's a big deal. I never match clothes with my purses. As long as you love both, your clothes and your purse, it should be fine in my opinion. The carly in plum is gorgeous! I think she's a great get-a-way bag. Black and white usually go with plum, the red maybe not as much, but i wouldn't worry too much about it.

  3. lol, its funny that you say that... because when I read the title, I thought "well, she needs a new dress... "

    ha ha!

    Maybe you can take the dress back.. or.. you may have a reason to get a new bag.. :P
  4. First off, congrats on the weight loss!! I know the feeling, its a great acheivement!! Secondly, yeah....just get a new dress! lol :tup:
  5. Fortunately, the bag was more expensive than the dress, so I will just save the dress for another occasion. A person cannot go wrong with a LBD, right? Besides, attempting to match anything to purple is just impossible! I just knew no one except tPF members would "get it". Everyone else would say I have a million other bags, so I should just choose a black one instead! But I have TWO purple/purple-ish bags I need to use, and the bags come FIRST!
  6. I'm right there with you!! Purse first, then worry about the outfit!
    Congrats on your weight loss THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!:party:

  7. Actually, I love black and purple -- my purple Bridgit is my dressy bag for a host of LBDs.
  8. I found a really great black and purple dress on clearance at banana republic, I'm working on getting a purse to match it! I'm sure you can find something with purple if you really want it, but lbd's will match any purse you ever buy!
  9. :nuts: I feel the same way, HauteMama. I bought this nice black/red coat this year and I can't wear it because it clashes with my Magenta Julianne. I GOTTA wear the bag! :biggrin:
  10. loupole: I agree! That's why I have to leave the dress with the red in it out of the equation, go with a LBD and carry my purple bags!
  11. I agree - wear one of the bags and switch the dress! My husband recently told me he has a high school reunion coming up in April, and my first thoought was "Yay, I'll wear my Bridgit...oh, and a little black dress, too!"
  12. It definitely can't hurt to have a LBD to wear and I think purple would go great against the black. Definitely go for a second dress!
  13. Bag clash is always a good reason to go shopping for more clothes. Congratulations on the weight loss. Do you get another new bag when you meet your goal? :graucho:
  14. Oh, yeah, just buy another dress!
  15. ABSOLUTELY! That's what keeps me motivated! :yahoo: