New bags - Do they feel like your own right away or no?

  1. I thought I'd do a poll on this one, after getting my Duomo I was just so amazed how it suited me so well I felt like I had it for years, like a familiar friend - when other times I get a new bag, it takes me several outings before I seem to feel like its MY bag .. anyone else have these feelings and what bags?

    Well too slow on adding the poll - bah but just a casual one then,

    Do you feel instantly acquainted with your bag and feels a part of you and your collection right away?

    Do you take a bit of time to acquaint yourself with it and really feel its YOUR bag?

    Do you ever feel it just never feels like its yours, no matter how often you use it?

    Do you need to take it certain places before you really feel you have brought it into your life?

    Do you ever never feel a bag is yours?

    Have you anticipated a bag so much that by the time you get it you already feel like old friends?

    None or several of the above? Anything about specific bags?

    Love to see your responses!
  2. This is an interesting question, I am eager to see what others say.

    For me, I don't think it's ever taken me any time to feel like it's my bag. I am usually so excited when I get a new bag, as soon as I take it out of the bag or box...I feel like a new mommy!!!
  3. hehehehehe! i feel like ite my bag before i even BUY it!
  4. I always feel like they are mine from the moment I take the plastic off of the handles! This is why I wouldn't buy a used one, wouldn't feel the same!
  5. It is mine from the time I pay for it.
  6. I still haven't felt the perfect bag yet. If the pochette was just a little bigger..
  7. I feel like its really ME immediately if its the right bag for me, but sometimes it takes awhile.
  8. Sometimes it takes me awhile to feel that the new bags are actually mine, with the exception of the mono speedy 25. I don't know why but as soon as I see my speedy, we bonded immediately!!
  9. Yes! I feel like it's MADE for me you know???
  10. My bags feel like mine right away, but I think that's because I have to try on the bag, decide if I am actually going to use it and then save up the money for it (sadly, I just can't drop the money right then). So after a few months of really wanting the bag, I hug and clutch it as soon as I "float" out of the store with MY lovely brown shopping bag.
  11. I was going to say the same thing! I stalk the bag so much before I buy it that I know it real well when I am finally able to pick it up from the store! LOL
  12. I really think a long time about my purchases. I think of what my wardrobe is like, what styles or colors are missing from my collection, etc. SOOO I feel like the bag is mine once I decide on buying it!
  13. i spend so much time "researching" and pondering on which bag is the next one that by the time i walk out of the store with, i feel it's been with me forever. sometimes, i wished there are styles that i never considered and ended up surprising me in the store and with those, i really feel a rush with for some reason. i'm weird.
  14. Nope - it usually takes me a while to bond with my bags. :smile: I think I'm just getting used to my Lodge PM, and I've been using her several weeks now.

    I must say, I bonded with my Baggy GM very quickly, however! :smile:
  15. I usually need to take a bit of time to acquaint myself with my new bags. For my damier speedy 25, it took about two weeks until I was able to say I love it. After that, I fell in love with damier and always on the lookout for more. The same thing with Azur. I couldn't tell if I like them or not when I first recieved my Azur bags. But, soon enough, I was in love and love all my Azur bags to pieces. :p