New bags + collection ***PICS***

diva lee

Mar 29, 2006
I am seriously amazed! You collection is to die for!!! Congrats on the new purchases. My next purchase will probably be the Azur speedy. Your pictures convinced me to move it to the top of my wishlist.


Jan 20, 2007
I love your collection and your new additions. I love your vernis maple drive. How do you like it and do you use it often?
Thank you's kind of embarrassing how everyone knows i'm new....hehehe:sweatdrop:
But thanks so much for the warm welcome....hehe....
i'm not really new...just havent posted much, but i love reading everyones post and what they have to share.

but getting back to the question......i dont really use the maple drive much cuz it's not an everyday bag where it'll match everything...but it definetly holds a lot..... i hardly use my vernis items...i think when i finally decide to use it, the colors have probably discontinued....hahaha....

Ilovepurse007: Thanks about the yellow epi....the yellow epi petite noe was my very 2nd LV....hehe....that proves how long i've been collecting.....ever since the yellow epi was out.....hehe...well, i get at least 1 bag per year from the bf and we've been together for 11 yrs, so every item is special to me....that i can name every occasion for each item....hehehehhe.....

but for the 2 latest items (azur speedy & BH), i bought them all by myself cuz i graduated and work full time as a programmer now.... and.....the next occasion is xmas, so i wont be getting anything till then....

THANKS ALL!!! :heart:


Sep 13, 2006
wow you have an AMAZING collection! thanks for sharing the pics
i love the azur speedy, actually i love everything azur..hehe
and the BH is such a great bag, perfect choice for an everyday bag, even better once it softens up.