NEW BAGS! Betsey Johnson and Allison Burns!!!

  1. I went shopping downtown yesterday and I initially planned on only getting the violet Chanel east-west classic flap but I ended up falling in love with these two bags as well!

    Before going wardrobe shopping, I spotted the cute little Betsey Johnson "bouquet" in red and since I've been wanting to get a red bag for awhile, I got it. Then I went shopping and before I left, I stopped by the handbag dpt. again and this is when I spot the Allison Burns "atomic" bag. I just loveee the safety pin detail on the Allison Burns!

    Phew, I'm glad to add some color to my handbag family!
  2. Betsey Johnson "bouquet" in red (also comes in black)
    IMG_6408.JPG IMG_6410.JPG IMG_6419.JPG IMG_6411.JPG IMG_6426.JPG
  3. Allison Burns "Atomic" in burgandy

    i loveeeeee the magenta suede interior!!!!
    IMG_6417.JPG IMG_6418.JPG IMG_6405.JPG IMG_6406.JPG IMG_6430.JPG
  4. Gongratulations! They are beautiful!
  5. Pretty! Congrats!
  6. I love the BJ Bouquet bag. The Atomic is also very cute!
  7. Nice buys!

    Enjoy your new bags!
  8. I LOVE the Betsy Johnson! What's the price?
  9. Great bags, they're both awesome. Congrats.
  10. thank you ladies!!

    allison - the betsey johnson was $375
  11. Both are so cute Jen!! Congrats! I was really hoping to get my Betsey Johnson bag that I ordered from Bloomies, but you know how that went right?
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Alison Burns.... The leather looks so soft....and the safety pin is the coolest part=)
  13. Very cute bags! :flowers:

    I hadn't seen those before. I'll be keeping an eye out for those next time I'm out shopping!
  14. thank you missypoo, bethg, and leah!

    missypoo - yea i heard about the bloomie's diaster. i ordered some juicy sweats from them from way back then and they charged me shipping on the total and i just got an email that the sweats are cancelle so now I have to call and dispute the shipping charges. :cursing:
  15. I love the bags mello!!!!! Really pretty!!!!:love: How are the leathers on the bags!