New Bags available

  1. Don't know if it is OK to post this (mods, please delete if not!:flowers: ) I received - new bags from Creatures de Luxe......enjoy!

    New Bags this week!

    28cm Kelly, Blue Roi Crocodile with Palladium hardware.


    30cm Birkin, Orange Crocodile with Palladium Hardware.

    35cm Birkin, Vert Fonce Togo leather with Palladium Hardware.

    35cm Birkin, Raisin Taurillion Clemence with Palladium Hardware.

    35cm Birkin, Indigo Barenia leather with BRUSHED Palladium Hardware.

    That 28cm Kelly sounds to DIE for - someone get her!!!!!!:yes:
  2. It's okay for YOU to post this but not okay for CDL to do so. :smile:

    And you're right about the Kelly!!! YUM!
  3. Thanks GT!!!!:smile:
  4. Yummy Kelly!!! Way out of my $$ range though I'm sure.
  5. the kelly sounds pretty as does the indigo and raisin!! Oooh....good thing I'm done.....can't do more lol!!
  6. Thank you for sharing with us.
  7. Thank you for the heads up!!! Bleu Roi croc has to be amazing!!!
  8. OMG, that blue roi crocodile and the raisin sounds yummy ..woa....Love them
  9. Thanks for posting!
  10. Can't wait to look at the pics!! I'm goin to the site now.
  11. ...I want the Raisin and the Barenia indigo....:wlae:
  12. Bleu Roi Crocodile I think is going to be my next purchase...but not for a whillllleeee. That 35cm Indigo Barenia with brushed hardware sounds amazing, I would loveeee to see that one!
  13. I saw it yesterday on ebay....:flowers:
  14. Did it sell already? Why can't I find it? That sounds gorgeous, I would love Barenia in a color, I've only seen it in browns and I think I saw it in black once....but never anything else...
  15. I tried to see it again aswell , but it's gone...?!? It was lovely though..:heart: