New bags available for purchase?


Mar 24, 2006
I am driving out to Ottawa this weekend, the SA told me she would give me the 25% discount!
I have been making lists off the site to put things on hold until I get there, but I am confused because I see all these posts for new bags. Will there be other options available that are not on the site or will that be specific to the store? How does it work with new bags? thank you!


:: excited ::
Jul 9, 2007
It would help if you have the product number of the item you are interested in. Your SA can look it up and see if it is available for order with your PCE. Also, when you get there, ask if they have a list or look book that might show the newer items... Sometimes they can order the new items if they're available - some items are too new and will show up back ordered.

Hope that helps! Good luck & safe travels this weekend!