**New bags at NM San Antonio**

  1. NM San Antonio received a huge shipment today of the new Chloe bags. Tons of new colors and styles. We had big smiles:yes:
  2. I have pics if anyone would like me to post them let me know
  3. You should definitely post pictures
  4. did they have the elvire bag in elephant? It's the one on the chloe website when you first log on. If so, do you recall if it is more tan or more grey?

  5. please, please post pics:drool:
  6. post px pls!!!!
  7. I'll post pics tonight for you all
  8. Here are the photos of the new Chloe Handbags, sorry it took so long...:yes:
    IMG_1409 copy.jpg IMG_1410 copy.jpg IMG_1411 copy.jpg IMG_1412 copy.jpg IMG_1413 copy.jpg
  9. Thanks, love them all, especially the red.
  10. xoStephxo - do you have any classic paddingtons (med) in black with white stitching?????
  11. is the last one the brun colour? is it on sale?
  12. no sorry, there aren't any black paddingtons
  13. Thanks xoStephxo - I live in NZ so we have no Chloe stockists here. Is there anyway I can find out if any NM stores have any, and if they can ship to NZ??????