New bags at LUNA BOSTON (2)!

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  1. #1 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2010
  2. ^^ The covet teal alligator looks wicked!!!! Then again, I prefer teal over purple any day.
  3. Has anyone seen the plain teal leather in person? The pictures make it looks super soft and a little more green than aqua, which is the only one is that color family I've seen in person. If it really is as soft as it looks, there are a couple I'm gonna be drooling over.
  4. All the new pics look very light to me. The grape color looks like it has a pinkish tinge.
  5. This embossed leather is nice and pliable, judging from my coin purse. I would get it!
    I already ordered the black alli Covet too!
  6. ^ thanks, good to hear it's not real stiff... still thinking but I'm probably going to order the teal alligator annnd the plain black Covet :nuts:
  7. Love the videos!! They really need to do more. Really helps in trying to decide on a bag
  8. Oh, btw...yeah, the Saks bag does indeed have the CHAIN strap! I was more than a tad miffed since sending the bag back meant sending back not only the bag, but the JC charm I ordered as well (to take my order over the min. $200 limit) and the gift card. All of that came in 2 separate shipments as part of the "Spend some/Get some" promo. :Push:

    A better deal could easily be had on MOB or LB!
  9. Are there any LB codes out there right now?
  10. Yes, 25% off with code RM2010
  11. ^^^^ Thanks HGG.
  12. No problem ;)

  13. I totally agree with this. I love LBs videos. It really helps to hear the girls discuss the bags and model them.
  14. It wouldn't work for me!

  15. The code worked again for me today. It's valid only for in-stock items.