New Bags at Coach!

  1. I should have taken pics, ladies, they aren't on the website. When I went in to talk with my manager about the promotion, i saw we have a NEW scarf print tote (the same tote size and shape as the signature stripe and fragrance totes) that is GORGEOUS-- Not the ergo scarf print, but soft blues, browns, similar to the scarf print umbrella on the site but i believe the colours were a bit different, I think it had some greens in it-- as well as a matching demi in a new shape and size of demi that we are now calling a small hobo but it's the size of a demi, and they have it in signature stripe and in the scarf print. It's shaped like a Carly demi but not slouchy, the wider bottom and leaner top, in signature stripe or the scarf print satin with a zip top and a leather strap.

    They're gorgeous bags, go check 'em out! Even my manager didn't know about them till they showed up in store today! They aren't online or in any of our new catalogs or visuals at ALL. I will try to get some pics up if I can take them but I probably shouldn't be chatting with my manager about a promotion and taking pics of bags to post online at the same time! LOL!
  2. Okay, I'm confused....LOL. But I will be stopping by my boutique tonight to show my SA the pic of the red patent hobo.

    But if it's got green, I am excited.
  3. I've been good so far and haven't been to the store in about a month or so, but I may have to check those out......
  4. I will have to ask tomorrow.
  5. I read about that on tools a while ago! We have a floorset coming up in less than two weeks, so it makes sense its finally coming in.

    Just a tip however- don't take pics in your store especially to post online that could be pin pointed back to you!
  6. I was just in my store today and they didn't have any new bags???
  7. My manager puts stuff on the floor before floor moves sometimes. I'm not sure if shes supposed to but she does. We had the turtles a full week before everyone else said they were able to buy them. You'll see! :yes:
  8. Yes aarti a scarf print in that shape :yes: :woohoo:
  9. ugh you are killing meee!!! lol
  10. OMG! I AM SO EXCITED! I've been thinking which signature to get and not too happy about getting signature so this is great news!
  11. Wow, I mean every store gets stuff a week or so beforehand but she shouldn't be putting them out until the release date.

  12. These aren't in the upcoming stuff or in the catalogs or anything, not even the new catalogs we aren't releasing yet, and there was nothing in it, no paperwork or anything and nothing saying when to release them. she said they just kind of came out of left field and she was surprised. In her words, "I was like, what am I supposed to do with this...?" Ah, well. Who knows? See if you can find anything out? You've been working there a lot longer than me! :yes:
  13. It's weird that she doesn't just assume that "oh we have a floorset on the 20th, these will be in it" y'know? I'm 99% positive that's what they're for. We haven't received floorset books yet for June so we'll see! I do think I remember it saying in tools it's a june release however.
  14. That's kind of what I was thinking. She's probably not the only one who's made the mistake though. Should I say something?