New bags arriving at BNY...Any news from Barneys or NM?

  1. Hi all. Love to see pics of the bags that have arrived in Europe and Bal-NY. Any news on when F06 bags will arrive at Barneys or NM? I would love to see the colors IRL before selection if possible. Will be going to China soon, so a quick trip to NY is not exactly "practical"...
  2. SF Neimans expects the new colors to arrive the first or second week of July. They are supposed to call me when they come in. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.
  3. Thank you! I am crossing my fingers that they arrive before I leave for China...
  4. ohhh, valerieb, let me know when SF NM is receiving them... I gotta make a quick stop there after work when they get them in. I just have to see them :love:
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