New bags are in at NM in Short Hills.

  1. Just got a call from Lee. Most are silver and gold HW. Not too many reg. HW bags.
  2. Did NM buy the Part Time, RH in Plomb? Also, what is NM calling the Plomb color? This is important for communication w/SA's, so I would appreciate someone finding this out for me. :sos:
  3. Girlie he is my SA too and i am calling him right now. :yahoo:He is wonderful. :yes:My NM is getting theirs next week.:tdown:
  4. He just called not 5 minutes ago. They must have come in this morning. Whatcha getting? I want a Mastic Twiggy I think. Not in yet though....:crybaby:
  5. Z&J do they have ocean with silver yet???
  6. I just called him and he said they have the Tomato, OB, Mastic, and Black with GH so far. I asked him to check on the Olive Green and Cinammon for me. I am still debating and not sure. :confused1:Don't worry you will get your Twiggy. Barney's NY called me this morning too and they got the Fall collection too.:yahoo:
  7. Lee hasn't called me :sad: That's ok though since I am having the party next week. :tup:
  8. LOL Lee is my SA too
  9. He did leave me a message earlier :smile:
  10. God, NM Scottsdale SUCKS! I was there yesterday and NOT one SA had any clue when the new bags would be in. They dont know the new colors or anything. They didnt even know about the silver hw!

    Theres nothing worse than a clueless SA.
  11. At the very least, they should have a lookbook for the F/W season with the colors NM will get with the estimated arrival dates and quantity ordered. I have seen this book other places, so I know it exists.