New bags and SA's

  1. I have a question : How many of you have purchased a Birkin/Kelly from an Hermes boutique which is not where you normally shop...and 'flaunt' new purchase in front of your usual SA??

    I am wanting to take my new bag out, (when it shows up), and take it shopping for a new accessory. But, what would my SA think??:shrugs:
    She really is the best SA one can hope for......:angel:
  2. Maybe she'll think you received an amazing present from a very thoughtful person with exquisite taste? :smile:
  3. i will try not to show it off infront of her.:shame: or she will get little heartbreak what:shrugs:
  4. i recently had this issue : i've been hounding my SA for a vert anis birkin for months now. she can't produce one for me. i have a friend that travels extensively and was offered one (friend has a chartreuse ostrich birkin and vert anis JPG shoulder birkin - definitely she doesn't need another birkin vert anis bag) and she knew i was patiently waiting for mine and got it for me (and i paid her back). then, flaunted it to my SA and said i had no choice but to get it. and she was fine with it. no drama. she knew this was the first time that it's ever happened and hopefully, will be the last!

    she's bound to find out anyway, sooner or later since we go there everyweek. i might as well tell her sooner.
  5. DH bought my Evelyne at SCP as a surprise present and my usual shop is SF. One SA in SF was happy for me but the other had attitude. He said "where'd you get that? We didn't have BJ?" :lol: I don't have a regular SA in SF so I didn't worry too much about it.
  6. There is no reason to be worried. SA knows they don't have enough Birkins to build up/supply your entire collections. My SA even told me to grap Birkins wherever I see them on the shelves.
  7. If I ever get a bag from another store, I cannot bring it to my normal store because my SA has specifically said that they only like customers who are loyal to their store.
  8. Oh my God!!!! What about they can't find your bag for a long time, but you find it in other store? It is not fair for the customers:Push: ! So, what they are saying is no matter how long it takes, just wait for THEM to get you bags? That's really not right!!!!!
  9. :heart: Love that attitude :heart:

    DH says my hobby is collecting hobbies....Hermes is it for now...So, yes..I would like to build collection - "FAST"...
    Then he says, "I can not imagine what you would want to collect next".:roflmfao:
  10. I know I've asked you who your SA is, but...geesh:sweatdrop:
    Is that why you are thinking about not going to LV?
  11. That is interesting...I think I shop at the same boutique, but have a different SA...I would absolutely take a bag purchased at another H store into the boutique and expect my SA would be quite happy for me...she knows I love to travel and also knows I can be counted on to purchase from her again...
  12. that's so wrong. i'd be like....SEE YA!

    pazt: OMG, can i be ur friend's friend too? hehe i already "sorta" know her! :lol: i need a vert anis birkin too!
  13. koukanamiya, I've noticed your Hermes posts for awhile ... you really need to get a new store/SA! They seem to treat you so poorly. Don't take that from them. Get your dream birkin where you can find it, okay? :flowers:
  14. sure PBC! last saturday we played H bag enablers to a good friend and got her to pick up the indigo birkin ((in evergrain) 30 with GH! lucky her! (that's the same one i told you about last time, apparently whoever it was for didn't like it - why? who knows. i'm just glad a friend got it. :yahoo: ).
  15. Mmm ... yeah, pretty much. My SA has said on more than one occasion that they prefer their customers who are loyal to them, who would only shop Hermes and shop at their locations as opposed to other locations. She said the store wouldn't order for customers who shop elsewhere. So if I get anything from another store, I cannot bring it into the store ... Eh, should I just go back to the East Coast store who has my credit?