New bags and new to the forum...

  1. My wife and I are Coach nuts, big time! We found this forum not too long ago and have really enjoyed all of the great posts and info.

    A few years ago she would have never even considered spending hundreds of dollars on a purse. Here we are a few years later and not only is she hooked, my mom and sister are now Coach fiends as well(thanks to me:devil: ). So being the dedicated husband that I am, I have been scouring the outlet and boutique with a list of her "Must Haves". Here's the aftermath of a week and a half bender...

    *The first three pics are outlet buys and the fourth is from the boutique.* Enjoy!!!
    050.JPG 052.JPG 056.JPG 055.JPG
  2. I love that denim wallet in the first picture... How much was it at the outlet?

    You'll love that Stripe denim tote I had that size but exchanged it for the new size and it's sooo gorgeous! I have the small zip around wallet to match!

    So cute!

    Congrats and welcome!
  3. You found a black Carly at the outlet?!

    Oh, WELCOME!!!

    You found a black Carly at the outlet?!

    Nice finds, you've done well - what a lucky wife!!!
  4. You are an excellent shopper! Welcome to TPF. Your wife and family are very lucky to have you.
  5. WELCOME to tPF! You are gonna be one popular fella around here...what a great DH you are!
    Very nice haul and congrats to your lucky wife for the great goodies!
  6. Hi. Welcome to the Coach Forum. Nice snags.

    Just be a little careful buying so much so soon. Coach might think you are a seller. They have been eBay banning sellers. You should be ok if you stick to buying one of an item though.
  7. oh my god. do you have a brother?
  8. nice haul your wife is LUCKY!! It's wonderful that you spoil her and actually support her addiction! My dh thinks I'm nuts! :p
  9. Welcome...congrats to your wife...she got alot of goodies!

    I wish my husband loved coach!
  10. or do you offer "Coach"-ing for DH's to make them more supportive of all our crazy hunts for the perfect bag?:woohoo:to you for being so supportive and doin' the shopping! WOW
  11. We are new to the forum but not to Coach. Our friends over at the outlet have gotten to know us quite well(we're very good customers) and they know my wife is a collector and not a seller. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to organize the pics of her collection to display in the collection thread...
  12. you're wife is so lucky! i'm so jealous, i wish my boyfriend was that considerate!
  13. Well, I like to shop, what can I say? When it comes to shoes and bags, I can hang with the best of them! I have expensive hobbies as well, so we have a mutual understanding when it come to shopping for goodies. Plus we work hard for our money, so why not spoil ourselves, right?
  14. I am in :heart: with that black carly! How much did you get it for and at which outlet? I have been wanting one forever! :girlsigh:
  15. The cotton one was $232, but for some reason the black one was more:confused1:, somewhere around $300 +/- a few dollars(I'd have to look at the receipt) It was purchased at the San Marcos outlet store.