New Bags added to NM Sale

  1. Neiman Marcus just added some new bags to the Sale Section of thier website. A lot of the bags are already taken. I was able to grab the Miu Miu Satchel in Olive Green for 475!
  2. Congrats paneh! I just posted in Chloe. NM & BG have had a major MLK sale day!
  3. OMG, I just saw that NM had a white muse half off! Hope one of the PF women got it. I ordered a few nice bags from BG, but still....a white muse:crybaby:
  4. I was just about to get a prada shoulder bag on sale for $255 but it's already sold out :sad:
  5. Thanks for the info! :heart: I just picked up a Juicy bag, Juicy wallet, and an Isabella Fiore Hobo all for $339 total with tax! I am going crazy today with all of these sales! :yahoo:
  6. NM keeps updating their final clearance jewelry & accessories section, so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on that. Right now there is a Be & D Deerskin hobo in chocolate for $249 and they just added a Hogan flat shoulder bag for $213. Here's the link Sale Jewelry & Accessories - Neiman Marcus Online=
  7. Just picked up a Burberry shadow-check hobo for $138. It just popped up and I grabbed it!
  8. Yay! I saw that one pop up about 20 mins ago and I'm glad a PFer got it!
  9. :crybaby: I guess I didn't get it. NM sent me a confirmation email saying that it was in stock, I checked my account and it was in stock, I checked again 20 minutes later and it was cancelled. I did a live-chat and apparently it is sold out even though it's still listed on the website as in-stock. The online SA told me that someone put it in her cart but hasn't checked out yet, so it's screwing everyone else up:sad:
  10. Thanks! Boy, you have to be fast on these sales.

    Oh, shoppy, I hope you get it. People shouldn't be able to keep a bag in their "cart" for longer than a few minutes, IMO.
  11. Aww I hate it when that happens!! That happened to me today with BG, I almost had a MJ Stam for $600! But then they had to cancel my order because it was sold out! I would keep checking though since they are always updating!
  12. yeah, the burberry bag is still there. but i did the online chat thing with NM SA and they said the bag is discontinued, wasn't available in stores just online, and they don't have any was super cute for $138 and i would've bought it

    so i'm glad they ran out cuz I really shouldn't be spending more money on purses :smile:
  13. i hate it when that happens!!! i just saw a miu miu i liked but of course, its "not available anymore."
  14. Keep checking the site because it changes every minute literally.

    I tried getting a Prada bag and they said it was discontinued also.
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