new bagggg

  1. So i bought a muse bag about a month ago and still havent used it..... i am considering getting a younger looking bag since im only 20 and feel the muse ages me..
    Has anyone seen or have the new dior cannage tote in black? i am strongly considering this bag or the chanel baby cabas...any opinions?
  2. a lot of young girls between 20-25 adore the muse.
    so i think its up to you!
  3. If the muse isn't for you then exchange it. Chanel is always a classic you may want to invest in that.
  4. im thinking about the dior cannage shopper.... i dont know ..... it mite just be an off track to my bolide or birkin...

    ps. im 15 :biggrin:
  5. i also am thinking about the chanel petit shopper in white, but since i already have it in black i cant decide...
  6. does anyone have pics with their dior drawstring bag ?
  7. Get your name on the baby Cabas wait list if you are considering one...
  8. i think muse is cool for 20 year old girl. i've seen them in younger girls.