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  1. I was helping my girlfriend out with a new bag and was wondering what you guys think of this one? The salesman at the Dior store said it was a bit rare to get and he only had one available at the South Coast Plaza store. I haven't been able to find much details about it online since it's not on the Dior website..

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  2. I think this one is fantastic, but being a mirrored metallic bag made of perforated patent leather, it is on the delicate side. Does she tend to baby her bags? If she does, then this one is a great rare choice.
  3. Yes she does baby her bags and like you said it is patent leather which is her favorite material which is why she wants it. Do you happen to know why I can't find any info about it online? I only found some small tidbit on a Singapore fashion website :thinking:
  4. It's not completely rare, Europe will have more stocks. Maybe in Asia is a bit more limited just like the Microcannage Diorama.

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  5. Side view. It comes with a thick adjustable strap.

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  6. Nice thank you for the pictures - I live in California and at our South Coast Plaza mall the sales rep said they wouldn't have any more stock for the rest of the month and unsure about future inventory.
  7. Dior offers different stock depending on the continent. Certain pieces are very rare here in North America. In fact, when they release new bags, Europe usually gets them first, and we have to wait months here until the bag comes into stock (happened with the Diorama here in Canada).

    If patent leather is her material, then by all means get it.

    The Dior website doesn't have info on a lot of its bag offerings. By making only a few styles available for viewing and/or purchasing online, Dior essentially wets your appetite to visit the actual boutique where they can give you the full Dior experience, which includes unique pieces that would stun you, as well as boutiques that cost millions of dollars in interior design and artwork. And you can end up walking away with a bag that is more exclusive...something that people don't even know exists because the brand doesn't publish the information online.
  8. It's a very pretty bag, but be aware - the leather is VERY stiff making it VERY hard to get things in and out of that Lady Dior, and the leather itself is very delicate unlike general patent bags (I know because I have the medium Lady Dior in this leather but only in silver colour, not like the gradient one you've shown). If you want to use it as an everyday bag, the leather (especially around the zip part) will inevitably get permanent scratchs easily even if you baby it due to the stiffness of the leather.

    Also, if you decide to go for it, please be sure to double-check by yourself that the bag's quality is in acceptable saleable condition. Last year when I bought "the last piece" available at my local boutique in HK (it's a display and "no more stock at the back" according to my SA), my SA said she would check the bag for me and I took it seriously (later proved to be the wrong decision) so I didn't check it myself before paying, and OMG if you look at the photos I've attached, that's the scratches near the zip of the bag that were already there when they sold me that bag! I know I did bear part of the responsibility as I should check the bag by myself before purchasing it (which unfortunately I didn't because I believed in my SA), but I think Dior also had problems with their product quality control and/or sales ethics selling me a bag with such scratches before I even use it! I filed a complaint to my local boutique as well as Dior Paris, and they insisted that the bag they sold me was "in saleable condition" at regular retail price though ironically they have also offered to exchange another brand new one for me (and miraculously they have stock at the back in just 1 day's time after I filed the complaint?). So please, be sure to check carefully this lady Dior by yourself if you decide to purchase it so as to avoid all the fuss that I've been through duirng my last shopping experience with Dior!

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  9. Another photo of the scratch marks and puncture mark on an unused Lady Dior.

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  10. I just bought this bag in the gold and black color and it is gorgeous! I knew ahead of time that it is delicate and hard to get things in and out of but I love it anyway. (I use a card case in my Lady Diors rather that a wallet for this reason) I had it in reserve but had to purchase it as soon as it came in as the US only got 15 and all the other boutiques were calling and trying to get my store to ship it out so it is somewhat limited in the US.

  11. It is STUNNING! Congratulations!
  12. How much is this? Its beautiful! I love ombre.
  13. I saw this bag in vienna last week,i think it was for 3800 euros and its a super delicate bag.
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