new bag?

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  1. i want so bad a new bag in monogram.
    i was thinking about stresa and delightful...
    but the problem Bf don't want i splurge my money in new bag, because already have 3 bag and 2slg.
    i don't know how to tell him..

    any suggest? :sad:
  2. tell him that until he is your husband, he cant tell you how to spend your money :biggrin::biggrin:

    and then go buy whatever you want!
  3. I agree with HeavenAF.....It's your money to spend however you choose.
  4. Ha ha-- yes & you better hurry up & spend it because once you are married for sure husbands don't love spending big $ on bags ;)
  5. if it is your money, you can spend it as you choose...
  6. Agree with everybody above!
    Once you're not married, you still got the rights to do whatever you want we your money!!

    Between the stresa and the delightful, I would choose the delightful!!
    Stresa is cuter in damier azur :love:
  7. i just got a delightful MM yesterday. it is fabulous!
  8. For now, you should be able to buy as your little heart desires. When you are married, it is different, especially if purchases are made from a joint account. Just my humble opinion.
  9. I AGREE! :tup:
  10. Tell him you're getting a new bag or a new boyfriend. Lol!
  11. LOL! do you think that will work with my husband???
  12. Ditto to all!
  13. ita!
  14. This!
  15. My Partner was like this too, I had to hide new purchases or tell him they were fake! But after we spent some time apart, and he realised what he was missing :graucho: he was fine with it! I think the icing on the cake was when he went with me to the boutique to buy my EVA, I must have been super happy because he told me he had never seen me so happy and excited before.... After that day he loves coming with me... And my next purchase for my birthday is going to be his treat! He said seeing me soo happy is worth every penny!