New bag!

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  1. I popped into the York Outlet late Saturday afternoon and came away with

  2. I can never remember all the bags but they did have

    choc Roxy

    pebble mable (think it was the size klp has)

    black metallic mable

    fuschia patent mable.......... oh and

  3. OOoh show us!!!!
  4. Looks relatively small but the photo may be deceptive???
  5. They also had

    Mollie in Oak

    Large Smithfield, various colours inc claret

    Rivington in choc (and maybe tan/brown)

    Langham choc

    and did I mention...

  6. ^^Come us, please....
  7. #7 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    And finally I saw

    Bayswater in fuschia ombre
    Chester (a duffel type bag) in choc





    The leather is Ostrich in bronze and the inserts are in colopured lizard skin

    I have been tempted by some of the evening bags but this just appeals to me. A vintage bag look, I'm not sure what it is called and the SA didn't give me the card. It also came with a little mirror :smile:
  8. oooooh a reveal pics pics :woohoo::popcorn:
  9. Congrats, Tote Girl - lovely bag!
  10. I love it , so classy !
    Well done.
  11. Oh that's lovely!
    A really different bag, I would never have guest it was Ostrich.
    I love it!
  12. Amazing - never seen one of those!
  13. Wow, stunning bag! :yes:
  14. Wow wow wow ! Gorgeous ! How much was the roxy and the mabel did you see ?
  15. absolutely gorgeous