new bag?

  1. i found this pic online and was wondering if anyone knew the name? and the line? thanks!
  2. Wow :nuts: I would like to know as well. It's beautiful :love:
  3. i love it! :love:

    it looks like a new version of the Monogram Mat line. i think i'm just saying that because i want the Mat line to be brought back :P
  4. I know it's from F/W 06 but I don't remember the name at the moment.
  5. its part of the line suppose to be release with the miroir line!!
  6. will the F/W 06 items be released in Nov/Dec?
  7. no from september but the miroir line will be release at the begining of december. We knew it by lvbabydoll
  8. Yeah..they moved the date up on the pieces will (hopefully) be released December 1st instead of November 1st. I think the actual Look Book (not the binder of pictures they use now) will be available to look at in stores around the end of August or beginning of September or so. Not sure on dates exactly though..things can change at any time.
  9. Very nice. I think a grey bag will be coming out similiar to this. I saw the tiny look book over the weekend with the horrible SA who could not tell me anything. Everyone else was drooling over a celeb Basketball play who came in with his boys.
  10. That's absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen that before.
  11. STUNNING!!!:love: Let's get some info, ladies!!!:graucho:
  12. I don't know the name of it, but I sure hope they make that style a permanent line. The monogram on that material looks delicious!!!
  13. Interesting, kind of looks like a patent sac fermoir from the special fall winter line last year.
  14. I printed out the pic and will ask SA today!!!
  15. Thanks LV_addict! I'll be back to see what you find out. I'd love to know details on that bag.