New Bag

  1. Hello,
    I 've been going to the LV boutique twice this month. I am looking in buying my second LV the Batignolles Vertical. What do you guys think about this bag? Is it a really practical bag?
  2. I love the Batignolles!!!! Great bag!!!! I have the BH and I love it
  3. OOOhhh, love the Batignolles Vertical!!!!
  4. I don't have the BV but I do have the BH and it is a great bag.
  5. Nice! I also have the BH and love it. The BV is really nice as well!
  6. The BV is such a cute and functional bag!
  7. very versatile, you can't go wrong.
  8. Very nice bag.
  9. Oh, it's a very nice and stylish bag. Elegant too.
  10. The BV is gorgeous.
  11. it's a perfect everyday bag, I love the batignolles!!!
  12. I prefer BH, more roomy & beautiful :smile: let us know your final choice
  13. I Love the BV !
  14. I love it, I have the BH go for it!
  15. I have the bv and really love it. There are just a couple things to keep in mind when getting one. The first is just that the straps will slide off your shoulder unless you position it in a way, I'll turn the strap that is closer to your body inside out and then put that one on your shoulder first and then the other one. It's not as complicated as I'm making it sound,lol.

    the other down side is a bit tmi, if you plan on wearing it w/out a jacket and it will go directly against your body, and you are the type of person that sweats, there is a strong possibility you will end up sweating(making water marks or even worse the color transfer thing from your clothes) on the straps. My straps have discolorations from that. I still don't regret getting the bag, who the heck is noticing that minor detail and as it gets its patina it's really looking very pretty.