New bag

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  1. I was looking for a new bag for my mother in law a few weeks ago ...
    I finally decided to get her a Mukberry Chroc Print Bag in Chocolate ....
    What do you think?? :smile:


  2. Very nice!!!
  3. I saw that at NM yesterday!!! I just love it hope she does!
  4. Pretty! I hope she likes it!
  5. This piece of art work is so classy and sophisticated. She'll love it!
  6. It's a really lovely bag. I hope that she enjoys it!
  7. it's quite beautiful, luxurious without being showy, i'm sure she'll love it!
  8. Cute bag! I hope she enjoys it.
  9. That is a beautiful bag that won't go out of style. I hope she enjoys it.
  10. thanks everyone :smile:
    I hope she likes it too!! I am going back home on Sunday and that is when she is getting it. I wish I could show you the look on her face when she opens the package :smile:
  11. This looks like a very smart, classic, timeless bag..hope she enjoys it!
  12. A very nice croc print bag!
  13. Cute and simple ........yet elegant

    good pick