New Bag

  1. So I won this bag on eBay, I'm pretty excited, I got it for 200. Was that a good deal? It's new with tags and everything.
  2. Cute! Love the color.
  3. OOOO I like it! Is it pink or red? I think $200 is a great deal!
  4. I love that bag!! I think I saw some at the outlets awhile back and if I see one during 4th of July I may just get it.
  5. I think its called coral.
  6. Nice Bag!! Love the color. :yes:
  7. Yep it's Coral. I guess that means it's pink and red. Ya know, I think it's the color people thought the geranium bags were going to be but they didn't turn out that way IRL.
  8. the geranium is pretty close to this, it's got a bit more orange to it and it's darker, but I've seen both and it's close. this is prob the closest color coach makes to the geranium
  9. Thats what I was thinking. When I read that post about how disappointed everyone seemed in their bags I thought about that color. What was that bag going for at the outlets?
  10. Very pretty color. Congrats
  11. last time I saw it there, it was down to the $150-$170 range. so you got a very fair deal! it's gorgeous, you'll love it!
  12. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Cute bag and good deal. I love the satchel.
  14. So pretty!! Congrats!!
  15. I love this color. :biggrin: You got a very good deal.