New bag!

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  1. My first thread, and I thought I'd let you all know about my most recent purchase. A gorgeous Michael Kors hobo! I'll post a picture later. Great deal, I love outlets haha.
  2. ohhh i love michael kors :smile:
  3. Congrats on your new bag! I have the Astor satchel and the Concrete Jungle satchel by M, MK and they're gorgeous and very, very durable. I love em both!
  4. haha o my god thats the SAME MK bag ihave :smile: i cant tell if its the smaller size you have or not but here is mine :smile: I LOVE IT amazing leather, got it at the outlet so amazing price, sooo spacious and comfy!


    (txtbook was for size ref)
  5. helpl!!! slush, Oooo it's stunning in black! I didn't see it at the outlets unless I completely missed it haha. I think you do have the next size cuz mine seems to be a bit smaller :P

    tonij2000, that's exactly why I love Michael Kors bags!!

    Thanks guys :heart:
  6. i love the it looks like cream color? correct me if im wrong, but it looks great!!!! i just cant pull off light colored bags i ruin stuff like that haha :smile:

    But MK is awsome this was my 1st but the leather really is awsome i will totally be getting more (but i love the outlet so ill have to wait ill i go back there!! hehe )
  7. Congrats on your new bag! It is lovely! :yes:

    I love both colors!
  8. Congrats beautiful bags ladies!
  9. OOH! I love it! I have debated on MK bags for awhile, but this may put me over the edge!
  10. Very pretty bag!!! Congrats!
  11. Thaaanks :smile: Forgot to add it only cost me $119. Was originally $298 :P
  12. Ooh, great bag!! I really like it. The leather looks like it's really good quality.
  13. congrats!she's a keeper!