New bag - what to do to protect??

  1. So, it's been 2 years since I bought my last LV bag (papillon 26), and now I finally have a brand new one (popincourt haut) :yahoo: . I don't want my Popincourt to get as ratty looking on the leather as my papillon, so what should I do to my new bag to protect it?? I've read about appleguard and shining monkey - what do they do and where can I buy them?

    Also, any other tips would be helpful. TIA!
  2. DO NOT USE APPLE GARDE. i tried it and almost died.

    Shining Monkey is the best. it protects the leather from water marks and dirt. it dries really fast and doesn't leave any marks or stains, and the vachetta immediately goes back to its original color. you can get it from
  3. Thnx yeuxhonnetes!

    When you ordered yours how long did it take to come in??
  4. just a few days
  5. Also, you can try to use baby wipes to clean up the leather on your papillon. There's been pictures posted before after a baby wipe cleaning, and it really does seem to work. I want to try it now too :biggrin: You can search for "baby wipes" to find the thread with the pictures.
  6. yes that's the one! :yes::yes:
  7. I don't use anything with my bags. Too afraid to use any of the chemicals out there.
  8. I felt that way too, afraid of chemicals, etc. but when I look at the bottom of my poor montsouris with water marks I'm willing to to take the chance.
  9. I would say if after only 2 years your pap is looking ratty you are abusive to your bags. I'm not sure that the apple guard or shining moneky will help with that type of use.
    I will agree with yeuxhonnetes and use the shining monkey. I have used apple guard but you have to use it VERY sparingly and it takes time for it to dry. The shining monkey dries quick. Its better to use 2/3 light sprays compared to one heavy spray.
  10. I've used Shining Monkey, and it does go on easily and doesn't mark the leather at all. It's only been a few weeks though, so I can't tell you how well the protection works yet.

    I got it from Shining Monkey directly, but it's also available at Amazon.
  11. I've used Shining Monkey. Dries really fast and no odor.