New bag up on NM sale section

  1. I just bought this bag. Now I just hope it does not get cancelled like all my other orders have so far.

    Gucci -  Jolicoeur Large Tote -  Neiman Marcus

    Does anyone by chance know if it has a zipper closure? It does not mention it in the description. I have another Gucci tote that did not which I just took to the dressmaker and they are putting in a zipper. I hate the fact that anyone can reach in so easy. I jumped on it ASAP and I figured I could ask questions later. Also I can't really tell but it looks like the outer part is suede. How hard will that be to keep clean?
  2. WOW...what a pretty bag for a great price!!! :drool: I can't tell if there is a zipper either...I wish too that makers would consider zippers for their totes. Sometimes the little snap closure just isn't enough.

  3. That is a really cute tote! Hope u get it! Does NM ship to Canada?
  4. No zipper, but love the handbag.
  5. If I get the bag (keeping my fingers crossed) Is there something I can do to protect it from getting dirty/stain resistance? I hate to admit it but I am pretty hard on my bags.
  6. It's a really cute bag. I've seen it in person several times. It doesn't have a zipper. I'm not sure where you would attach the zipper b/c the inside lining is a thick fabric material, the same as the inside of UGGs. If you don't get it you can call to order it from the Desert Hills Gucci outlet. I was there on Sunday and they had it. It was more than at Neiman's though. Hope you get the bag!
  7. Great price for the bag! How many orders were cancelled? Seems like they can't update this system fast enough?