New Bag Time

  1. So I want to buy a new bag... but realistically (sp) I can't afford one until July... UGH! So I was considering some accesories...

    Mono Wapity
    Mono Iphone cover (for iPod touch)
    Mono key and change holder
    Mono key holder
    Mono Pochette
    =OR= Something in Vernis..(not sure what)

    SO>>> What should I get? And why...

  2. mono pochette....or even in damier!!! It can be used as most of the mentioned above! I think it's the best choice you can get! Also I really love the mini pochette in damier and the T&B mini pochette in mono! Anyway I think you should stick to pochette!
    Good luck...hope I helped...
    Ohhh and good luck saving for your bag:wlae:
    the only vernis I think is good and useful is the cosmetic case but it's still too small!
  3. True... i LOVE the Azur! Hmm...

    Vernis is pretty... but not much use for it sometimes...
  4. vernis - there are several beautiful colors to choose from.
  5. how about a belt?

  6. A belt would be great. However, I don't want to spend that much money for something that I won't use that often, and will probably end up on the closet floor...

    I do like the trunks belt... thats a neat one
  7. what about the new vernis cles with the gold plaque. Pomme is hot!
  8. Hmmmmm I choose a wapity. Very practical and easy to use.

  10. i agree the wapity, can be used for digital cameras, iPods etc. Functional, affordable and can be put inside that gorgeous speedy of yours!

  11. AHH! Thank you for the compliment!!!!! Yeah I think I will get the wapity... because its fun to say! LOL! and I love the shape. But I have a coach wristlet for my camera, and a coach ipod cover for my iPod video.(last gen ipod... time for a new one...)...

    Thank you again for the compliment!
  12. Lol you're welcome. How about a wallet? (If you don't have one already.) Alternatively, the cles is cute and functional for loose change and keys!
  13. loooooooove the wapity...or something vernis!
  14. I go with the Mono pochette. However, the damier or azur pochette is also very pretty! You won't go wrong with the pochette. It's very practical & inexpensive. :biggrin:
  15. You know...I have two Wapitys and their great little bags. I can use them for so many things. I can even throw them in other bags or luggage when I want to separate things. My vote is definately the Wapity. I just got an iTouch the other day and was thinking of getting myself the case. But I think I'm going to look for a case with better protection. Let us know what you decide.