New Bag Style: Céline Soft Cube, Barneys exclusive

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  1. Thanks heaps for sharing all these great pics! such a cute little bag. I love the twisted, knot handles. The Tan and Burgundy colours are very much my taste. The green suede one is giving me minimalist The Row brand vibes, which I love. Can't wait to see this bag in real life.
  2. This bag is so cute!
  3. Hi, did anyone buy this bag? Curious about how well the shape hold up. I saw it on Instagram that it holds so much (and could fit a small to medium water bottle)
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  5. Couldn't agree more @coolmelondew , I have deliberating the exact pieces but decided to wait until end of the year, but after seeing her with it I definitely considering this over the Classic box

    FYI according to my SA, the design keep the bag in shape so you don't really need stuffing when storing the bag
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  6. that's good to know! That was one of my concerns actually so i'm glad to hear that it keeps its shape.
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  7. Has anyone gotten this bag yet? I would love to see a review of this bag and how the wear and tear has been. I picked it up at the store and thought it was so light which is a big selling point for me, but was worried about how it would hold up in the long run if it was used as an everyday bag. Not going to pull the trigger yet until I do some more research.
  8. I bought this bag last July and use it occasionally. The smooth leather seems like it might scratch easily but it's held up pretty good so far. I'll post a few photos once I get a chance.

    Because of how soft the bag is, I try not to overstuff it to prevent sagging. I put a piece of card board on the bottom which I think has really helped. I also use a make up pouch that's the exact same shape of the bag as sort of a bag shaper and to prevent items from poking it from the inside. Keeping it zipped also helps the bag keep its shape otherwise it feels like your items are just constantly shifting around.

    I'll use the soft cube for a few days at a time and then give it a rest before bringing it back into rotation. I don't think this bag is carefree enough to be an everyday bag but I love it just the same.
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  9. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. Why don’t you think it’s carefree enough to be an everyday bag?
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  10. Saw the soft cubes in person recently, they're super cool. Very unique shape.
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  11. I have the one in dark green (that Dakota Fanning also has) and I love it. I don't carry too much in it because it will sag, but the leather is soft and buttery. I've worn mine a handful of times (I don't baby it), and it's still doing well.
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