New Bag Style: Céline Soft Cube, Barneys exclusive

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  1. #1 May 19, 2017
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
    My SA just sent me pics of this bag that I've never seen before. It's apparently a Barneys NYC exclusive for the next few weeks. It's called the Soft Cube.

    Also, he said it's only $1800 (!!!) I'm going in tomorrow to see it in real life and will add more pics.

    Pics below:
    IMG_1495251109.632970.jpg IMG_1495251123.482119.jpg
  2. Got some more stuff from my SA. I know that these colors haven't arrived yet. I think the only ones in stores so far are the colors I was sent but I'll know more tomorrow.

    Pics below:
    IMG_1495253740.730593.jpg IMG_1495253758.596646.jpg IMG_1495253768.280452.jpg IMG_1495253777.313623.jpg IMG_1495253787.330744.jpg IMG_1495253796.248611.jpg
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  3. These are cute! If you get a chance to handle them, do report back!
  4. The Burgundy one with the Tan handles is calling my name! Do you know if the tan leather handles and strap are Natural Calfskin?
  5. like the style, just not the colours/colour combinations though..
  6. This looks pretty! The weird thing is that I was told it is only an exclusive to the Madison Ave Celine boutique. I guess everyone is just saying that to get people to buy it.
  7. Maybe it's just certain colors? That's kind of annoying haha. It'll be a popular bag though-- the price point is incredible.
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  8. Modeling pics! I'm personally gonna hold out for a different color combo but the bag is incredible.

    For reference I'm 5'10"

    IMG_1495302399.707163.jpg IMG_1495302410.028702.jpg IMG_1495302419.579052.jpg
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  9. Yeah I agree, for the price it is a really nice bag. It looks great on you! I like how the long strap is wrapped around the shorter handles.
  10. Has this been realised yet in any other boutiques?
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  12. i love this style. it looks so functional for my lifestyle. i wish it was available in black. if i didn't already have a navy bag of a similar size i'd go for that... but the green suede looks gorgeous. i can't wait to find out more info and see more pics of these styles. i wish we had a celine boutique here in sydney.
  13. I agree! If this bag does well this season, I'm sure they're going to come up with new colours and combinations next season. I love this style but I'm going to wait for the next set of colours, even if it means having to pay more because of the inevitable price increase!
  14. heh same thoughts! This morning I was thinking of possible colour combinations that will make it a must buy for me. I think ocean, or powder blue would do it. Something like the Box below! Or a soft grey reminiscent of rainy mornings. What about you?
  15. Oh wow, this is cool!