new-bag stiffness

  1. Last night I filled up my new Ellipse and got it semi-organized. The Pochette didn't fit well inside, so I had to find a smaller makeup pouch to keep my small items in, but that's OK because it leaves the Pochette free to use for a going-out bag.

    Anyway...the one thing I've noticed about the Ellipse vs. my Damier Speedy is that it's very stiff, especially the zipper. I don't mind the more structured feel of the Mono on this bag, but it's a little hard to zip - it's hard to explain, but the zipper action feels...chunky...not smooth at all. Is this common, and will it get better with a little use? Or should I take it back and find something different?
  2. I have heard people say that they swabbed some wd40 on the zipper with a qtip and that worked fine.
  3. I think if you rub a white candle on the zipper it will help it. I'm sure its just because the bag is new and once it gets broke in will be OK.
  4. My Burberry was like this. I used waxed paper and rubbed it on both sides of the open zipper and it zipped more smoothly. :smile:
  5. I have had my Ellipse for 7 years and the zipper still feels a bit stiff! The bag itself will stay structured due to its design. :yes:

    I tend to put the zippers on one side and just use one to open and close the bag.

    If you are not happy with it, definitely exchange it for something else. :yes:
  6. Same here! Mine is 10 years old and still a bit stiff as well! I rarely close my zipper though.