new wallet???

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  1. hey ladies.. i just received my damier canvas speedy today :yahoo: but now i'm wondering what WALLET to get!! i'm not so sure about a damier canvas wallet..bc well the wallet itself im not so crazy over. any suggestions on a wallet that i can use with a variety of different handbags?? thanks! :yes:
  2. I use my Chanel in all my bags:

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  3. Get a cardholder. Wallets are so over.
  4. :blah:
  5. I do have a Chanel card holder too......which I use in my small bags:

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  6. *dont* get any wallet that is light colored , the Damier speedy has a bleeding problem.. I exchanged my first bag a couple of months ago,and the new one they gave me has the SAME problem!.
  7. It's a joke, Rose. I'm old. ;)

    And of course I did not mean to be insensitive to the very real accessory needs of those who have chosen a life as the person in front of me at the checkout line, writing that paper check, handing over that ID, writing that DL number on the paper check, waiting for the supervisor...

    If it weren't for the brave and selfless people who keep this proud tradition alive, I might never have had time to re-read Tolstoy's great work even once.

  8. Oooh, I love your Chanel - I'd use that as a clutch! :yes:

    I like wallets with no hardware, for use inside bags, as I am concerned that:

    1. The hardware adds unecessary weight.

    2. The hardware might get scratched by the other contents of the bag. :wtf:

    3. The hardwear might damage other items in the bag.

    4. I don't like a wallet's hardware to clash with that of the bag it's in, so I'd have to keep changing wallets and frankly, life's too short.

    I'd get a no-hardware BV. :yes:
  9. I know Puffy, I just like using the smilies, they are such good fun! I'm old too!!!:heart:
  10. ^^ Correction: unnecessary, not 'unecessary'. :Push: :blink: :rolleyes: :shame:
  11. Oh, I do love the BV wallets too.
  12. Rose, i LOVEEEE your chanel wallet and cardholder!!! :heart: and.. i've heard about the damier's bleeding problem.. only i heard about it a little too latee.. i just got the bag yesterday! i reallyyyy hope my damier does not bleed.. :crybaby: i actually changed my mind about a "simple" neutral colored wallet and i am in LOVE with the lv vernis wallets... i would soooo get a raspberry one!! would it be silly to get a wallet that costs more than my bag?? :graucho::sweatdrop:
  13. No! You have to be in love with your wallet since you will be using it in all your bags. Thre vernis wallets are very chic and well made - well worth the money spent.

    ps: it may be advisable to spray some vectra on the damier to prevent bleeding etc. I would run that past the LV girls. I have used vectra on my Chanel bags in the past.
  14. thanks so much Rose :yes: i am really craving the LV mono vernis' french purse, billfold, or porte tresor international. i just cant figure out which one is most worth the money! leaning towards the french purse but at 665 before tax, and that makes me feel guilty :crybaby: (my bag was just around 700!)
  15. ooh i just saw right now what you said about vectra, Rose. have you had lots of experience with "bleeding" bags??? and what did you do when your things got stained??