New bag showcase thread

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  1. I have added so many new bags over the last few months. I hate that they are so spread out in my showcase thread, that I have actually stopped adding to the thread. Is it possible to close my thread and start a new one with everything all together?
  2. ^good suggestion. at the very least, i was wondering if it could be possible to just edit the very first post of one's own collection thread, just to allow one to say something like "since my first posting, my collection has undergone major overhaul, please read from page xx to see current collection at this link " or something.

    it's so funny my first post says something like "LV is out of my price range" now i have something like 15 LV items... :shame: tPF changes things over time! :smile:
  3. Not that I posted my collection yet but I just had a thought,in a way it would be a good idea to just post our showcases without the commenting(though the comments are nice of course). That way, once we update pictures, it wouldn't be a bunch of scrolling to get to the end. KWIM?
  4. ^Great idea!:yes:
  5. Thanks Gung!
  6. Lol I had this problem too, that's why I put the updated links in my signature. :yes:
  7. True, but I think it would give a nice "clean" look to the showcase, by just having pictures. We could make a thread for Bag Showcase comments. Though, it definitely is convenient to add a link to the signature. Like I said, it was an idea that just popped in my head, not sure how it would work.:shrugs:
  8. I think if you ask one of the mods, they'll close it for you and you can create a new thread. I've done this once before so my current thread is actually my second one that I made. :P
  9. Oh no, I agree. I just made it easier for myself that way.
    I had the problem with my own showcase since when I first started posting here, I hadn't watermarked any I had to break the links on photobucket and just redo things, then my showcase looked really bad with broken links and some pics that did show.

    I think awhile back, someone proposed that we be able to edit our showcase threads and the titles so they say something like "updated xx date" or something. But I think it would have been too complicated to let everyone do that. I forget what the outcome was but I remember it was awhile ago.
  10. Lv, if it helps at all,I'll take some of your make it easier for you.:angel:
  11. Lol! It would definitely make it easier to keep them organized. :lol:
  12. How do I find out who the mod is for the Showcase section?

    I'd like to redo my thread as well since I didn't know what I was doing when I wrote it and my pictures are all teeny tiny. :shrugs:
  13. ^PM a global mod..Like AManda,or Swanky
  14. Thanks Jill!
  15. I have been wondering the same thing for a while. I haven't added either to my showcase, since a lot has changed and added over time.

    I also love the idea of a showcase with just pictures and then maybe a linked thread for comments or something. I love looking at peoples collection but sometime it just takes too much time reading through all the pages (some go up to 50 pages or more!)