New bag ~short reveal~

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  1. i really wanted my 3rd LV but since my husband bought me a new car on Thursday i couldn't be greedy ;) i ended up with a style that i haven't been particularly fond of but i couldn't resist the color. :P


    they didn't wrap it up :nono: but it was hot and i wanted to leave
  2. Plum patent zoe !
  3. :lol: yup


    there were a ton of different colors there!!!
  4. Ohhhh, lovely! That is a fabulous color! Congrats. on such a beautiful, vibrant bag!
  5. love love it!!!! so there is a blum and berru patent?! so many of the purple family! did you get her at the outlet? how much so you mind my asking??? i shouldnt be asking...cause im on a ban.....well i will be once my 2 ladies arrive!
  6. Wow! The color is beautiful. What kind of new car did you get?
  7. and my new car :P yes a minivan :blush: i have a lot of kids, lol

  8. I absolutely love that zoe color! Congrats!
    Your minivan looks more like an SUV-very nice!
  9. YEA!!! Congrats!! LOVE the Zoe!!! Is that the med or large? How much are they going for right now?

    (I love it...your reveals are just like mine...I get so excited I post the actual reveal pic on the first page b/c I just can't wait!!!)
  10. yes outlet and it was $160 :biggrin:
  11. medium = $160 :nuts:
  12. Ooooo, a brand new car! Enjoy your car and your Zoe. She'll look lovely on the passenger's seat.
  13. Gorgeous Zoe :biggrin: what a fantastic color! I can't believe they didn't wrap it though :tdown:
    congrats on the new car too--I agree, it looks like an SUV!
  14. That's a gorgeous plum color. Congrats.
  15. Holy crap!! :nuts: Now I REALLY want another Zoe (eeek)!!! :graucho: