New bag - Rock and Chain Flap?

  1. hi guys! haha saw the rock and chain flap over the weekend and I bought it! It was pretty expensive =( 7.8k Malaysian Ringgit, which was like ouch to me but I really liked it! Present from the parents so yeah! Haven't modelled it yet but here's a picture with me and my friend's baby cabas which omg I think is absolutely whoa!

    Just a question, since the rock and chain flap is lambskin, how are you guys protecting it? I saw scratches on it already but I really liked it plus I figure it's not noticeable since it's black.. Is there some sort of leather guard thing I should be treating it with? Absolutely clueless here :/

    Oh I saw the red one with gold hardware, didn't really like it hmm.
    malaysianweekend - 082.jpg malaysianweekend - 084.jpg malaysianweekend - 085.jpg malaysianweekend - 180.jpg malaysianweekend - 181.jpg
  2. Oh yes, pictures I took of the store. It was at KLCC, Malaysia. Haha actually I whipped out the camera inside the store cuz I thought of you guys, and then the SAs were like, you can't take pictures in here! oops forgot :smile:

    They had a pale blue slanted C bag that I thought was really pretty! But I don't like those straps, you know those like the Ritz straps etc, they don't sit really well on my shoulder. I really liked how the Rock and Chain sat on mine :smile:

    and yes, below my hotel, I don't like LV but that was kinda pretty :smile: too bad it wasn't chanel haha!
    malaysianweekend - 169.jpg malaysianweekend - 168.jpg malaysianweekend - 159.jpg
  3. The cabas looks really cute on you!

    The rock & chain flap is made of calfskin not lambskin.

    The only protectant I heard of people putting on their bags is something called Apple Guard- I saw it mentioned several times in the Balenciaga forum.
  4. you look adorable! congrats on your new purchase.

    the rock & chain bags are actually calfskin, not lambskin. calfskin is a little more durable than lambskin leather and your bag is black, so i wouldn't worry too much. also, on the rock & chains, the calfskin is slightly glazed, which is even better! (i noticed the white R&Cs are more heavily glazed.) personally, i only lightly spray apple protectant on light colored bags, and leave the dark colored bags alone. and when i get surface scratches on my bags, i just use a tiny bit of apple conditioner on a soft plushy cloth and buff out the scratch. but if you are really paranoid about spills, stains, etc., i think you can put on a coat of apple conditioner (or any gentle conditioning cream) and then follow with a light spray of protectant spray. i've only had experience with apple brand, and they haven't changed the texture or color of the leather.
  5. I really like this bag. It looks wonderful on you. Congrats!!!
  6. you look fab!!
  7. Thanks guys :smile:

    does it come in lambskin too? Because the SA specifically told me it was lambskin and to be careful with it..
  8. Congrats on your new purchase. You look really cute with the cabas as well.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. =)
  9. Enjoy your new bag!
  10. As far as I know they only come in calfskin.:yes:
  11. Thank sharing pictures. You look good with the cabas.
  12. that's great info, thanks for sharing :smile: I'll see how the bag goes before putting protectants and stuff on it :smile:
  13. You look so cute w/your cabas. Congrats on another beautiful bag.