New bag... reveal post!

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  1. So... a few months ago, I mentioned I was going to get a new Mulberry bag courtesy of my husband. But when we eventually went to London, I decided to visit the Louis Vuitton shop, and ended up getting a Speedy Bandouliere 35 instead.

    Well, Mulberry is currently having a SALE, and my credit card company offered me a £100 off voucher on a Mulberry purchase (they obviously know me too well). The voucher was going to expire at the end of June... so I thought it would be rude not to give the Mulberry store a visit when I went to London last week.

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  2. Teaser... :P

  3. It’s the Leighton in Beige!!! I think she’ll be my bag for the summer... :cool:

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  4. And here’s my Mulberry family. Speedy B pokes through on the right... didn’t want to be left out!!! :biggrin:

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  5. Aaaahhhh the Leighton is so pretty!!! Congrats :loveeyes:
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  6. So pretty, congrats!
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  7. Beautiful. I have the black in the small size and considering the brown, just not sure which size, small again or the larger one. :amuse:
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  8. So GORGEOUS!!!!
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  9. Really love the bag!!!

    I have to confess that I love Johnny Coca’s designs for the brand... the only Mulberry I liked previously was the Alexa. I wished Coca would ‘reimagine’ it.
  10. Depends on how much you carry each day, whether you’re going to carry it night or day... I would seriously have to retrain myself if I were to carry a Lily and nothing else!!! :biggrin:
  11. I ended up returning the oak because now I want the burnt orange one in the larger size, same size as yours. Currently using my small black and it fits everything I need if being minimalist of course. My only worry with this bag is how the metal ring on the bag will wear the leather. :sad:
  12. Really lovely bag and great colour choice. Looks quite roomy too? Is it a similar capacity to a medium lily?
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