New bag, reveal....not a Sabrina!

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  1. I headed to Macy's this past week to see what was on sale. I always thought I wanted a Sabrina bag (love how it looks) but when I tried her on, it just wasn't the right bag for me!

    I checked out the sale bags and found an awesome bag in an awesome color.....

    Want to see??????
  2. ready and waiting
  3. yes, yes, yes..... show me some purses!!!!
  4. me too!
  5. OK, here we go!

    In her dust bag

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  6. Let's c !!
  7. Here she is.....Hailey convertable hobo in purple!

    I love it. I got a great deal....30% off plus 20% off for the wear red promo, she was $163.00 after tax!!!:yahoo:

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  8. open open open
  9. wow now that was a steal of a deal on a beautiful hailey congrats!!!!!
  10. Here is my baby

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  11. Great deal! She is super pretty, congrats!
  12. Love your Hailey... You will love her! There isn't much more comfortable to wear than Hailey.
  13. Thanks! I really love the color! She will be my spring/summer bag.

    I was surpised to see that the Sabrina did not fit me well, the strap kept sliding. I really was happy with how comfy the Hailey is. It is great to have that longer strap for across the body, too. I will be bringing her out next month.
  14. Lovely!
  15. She's so cute just the perfect size!! :biggrin: