New Bag - Question re Tags

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  1. Hi all,

    I just received a Cabas Mezzo from ELux, So I guess I shouldn't worry about authenticity. But I am curious - the small paper tags inside the bag that ID the item, say "Louis Vuitton" etc, used to be cream color. The tags I found with this bag are white, say 'Cabas Mezzo' on them, and have a drawing of the bag on them as well.

    Now, it has been months, maybe a year since I bought LV, has anyone else seen these different-looking tags?
  2. drawing of the bag on them??? i've never seen those before!
  3. o hmm...i've never received any tags like that before.
  4. I've never seen that type of tag before
  5. don't worry, the white is legit. several of my new items (bought from the boutique) came with the white tag with the item name printed on there BUT mine does not have the drawing of the bag on there.

  6. -Well it's a relief that you have seen the white. I should also mention there was one cream tag as well, that says, "Coated fabric, cowhide leather trim, man-made lining" as per all of the other tags like this that I have seen. There are 2 white tags, duplicates that say the name of the bag, have the drawing, and have a bar code over and under which is written the model number M51151, which is what I see as the number in the LV catalog.

    Do you think I need to call Elux and ask about them, or just be happy that I have my new bag <wink>?
  7. Mine have been white as well but none have had the pictures on them. I've bought quite a few items in the last coupld of months too. Sooo interesting!!!
  8. Maybe the one with the picture is the tag that they usually tear off at the boutique? I know that there are two white tags, one you get and one the boutique keeps.
  9. pictures, please?
  10. ^^ ITA I'd like to see pics of that.
  11. ^I also would like to see a pic of that tag...
  12. I am familiar with the material tag, tag with the name of the bag with the barcode below it, and the tag with the bag name and price on it, but I am curious to see the tag you're referring too. Like others have stated, I would like to see a pic of it.
  13. Eluxury is definitely legit. That being said, I have never heard of or seen tags with a picture/drawing of the bag on it. This must be something new. Hmmm, maybe you should take it to a boutique and have them take a look at it.
  14. I havent a clue how to post pics. I have a digital camera - now what do I do?
  15. Plus I have to drive 60+ miles to the nearest LV boutique, and, I just can't be bothered LOL. Since the bag is from Elux, I'm not too worried.

    I usually buy from Elux, or call a boutique I periodically buy from over the phone (this one is about 80 miles away from me!)
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