New Bag Purchases...

  1. Well, I've been shopping and picked up a few new bags...

    Lanvin Heroine - Turquoise. Love this bag!:heart: :heart: The color is indescribably delicious! I wore this yesterday and had people stopping me to ask about my bag. Heroine is a good name because I'm addicted and need another color...:yes: red or green would be nice. It has a shoulder strap that is very convenient.

    Costume National. Picked that up on a tip from nycmom (thanks Mom)! It's the one Jessica Simpson is wearing that we were all trying to figure out. Gorgeous bag. Nice size, not too heavy. :heart: Love the leather, kind of distressed...very nice!

    Chanel Jumbo Caviar Flap. Well, what can I say. Hubba Hubba...Love this gorgeous bag. :heart: I haven't worn it yet, but I'm going to today to my nephews college graduation! Simply divine!

    DSC00010.JPG DSC00011.JPG DSC00012.JPG DSC00013.JPG DSC00014.JPG DSC00015.JPG DSC00016.JPG DSC00017.JPG
  2. WOW!! I love them all! I would really like to see pics of you holding the Lanvin and Costume National since we don't see much of those around...
  3. Love them! I remember when everyone was freaking out trying to find that JS bag! I like your pics better. The Chanel is lovely-congrats!
  4. Greenie, congrats!!! =)
  5. Wonderful bags! Thanks for the great pics.
  6. Greenie Wow!! You have been busy! Congrats on your new bag purchases!! Love all of them!:heart: I want the white chanel!:love: :love:
    Enjoy them all!! Thanks for the pics!
  7. Greenie, you have such great taste. They're all fabulous. The color of the Lanvin is perfect for summer, and the white Chanel is stunning :heart:
  8. Thanks guys for the incredibly sweet comments!! :biggrin: You know how it comes in buy a couple and wait a while...then boom!

    I'll take a pic holding the Lanvin sometime this weekend!
  9. Wow, that turqoise is stunning. Love them all. Great taste!
  10. You hit the jackpot! LOVE your jumbo flap! Congrats!
  11. WOW! I'm loving all three of them! The Costume National is gorgeous and I LOVE jumbo flap Chanels. The white is amazing!
  12. WOW!!!! Gorgeous bags!!!!!!!! I love them all...please post pics of you wearing them!!!!! Enjoy!
  13. OMG- that Lanvin's color is tdf! :love: And of course I love the Chanel! The white is so beautiful!
  14. That Costume National is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations.
  15. nice purchases!! someone went a little nuts. haha jk. love that chanel, and that turquoise color is the best!!!