New bag problem?

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  1. I thought this was odd when I looked at my bag, and as time has passed I am sure this cant be right.

    I have gold hardware on the front of the bag, but the feet and the lock are silver coloured (palladium?) Surely at least the lock and the hardware on the bag itself should match?

    Forgive me, I am running out the door for a weekend away, so wont be able to reply until monday, but if you could advise so I can call the store first thing on monday I would be really grateful!!!

    Thanks so much!
  2. In fact, I have just had another look in the good morning light, and the lock seems pale gold.......not nearly as rich as the gold on the bag....????

  3. That's normal.
  4. Thank you! Must be my eyes!
  5. my lock is gold and is a lighter shade than the straps. i haven't looked at the feet in a while...
  6. Oh really? I always thought the hardware match :s.
  7. my kelly's lock is also lighter than the kelly's strap's gold pieces.
  8. ^^ I understand that the gold can be a shade or two lighter.
    But "gold hardware on the front of the bag, but the feet and the lock are silver coloured (palladium?)" ?
    Unless the gold is indeed very pale like eliselady mentioned about the lock. What about the feet?
  9. just eyeballed my birkin, the feet also are gold, about the same gold as the lock. the straps and the center part (that name escapes me at the moment) are a "richer" deeper gold. but you can def tell the feet are gold.

    do you have a pic of yours?
  10. This thread is toooo cute!!:cutesy:
  11. I suggest checking everything in broad daylight. The colors can be really of and look silver under the wrong lighting.
  12. I agree...take it out into the light.
  13. Oh dear, we have to wait till Monday! I hope she is having a fun weekend getaway with her new bag!
  14. eliselady: I never though to check my bags, but I'll check them as soon as they arrive at my new house. It certainly seems like it would be good idea to call the store and ask about the color difference. I agree with the others to check the color in the sunlight though. They will probably ask about tahat when you call. What do you think you will do if they are in fact different colors? Were you able to enjoy your bag this weekend? Keep us posted!!
  15. Hello! Sorry, it wasnt a bag weekend! We went to a cottage by the sea and it was about as far away from one of those Ralph Lauren adverts as you can get! Sand, Mud mess etc - I loved it.

    I did take it into the light, the lock is def. lighter, but does appear to darken as it gets nearer the metal on the bag, as the srtong gold refelcts onto it.

    Ok here is a pic showing you what I mean, that the lock is a paler gold. I have added a gold cadena so you can see the difference. However, judging by all these replies it would seem to be normal, so I shall stop worrying.

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