New Bag!!!! Pics!!!

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  1. Right now I am in Las Vegas! So I had to stop at the Outlet on the state line. My husband (who is the best husband in the world btw :smile:) got me the cutest bag, and didnt complain (he hates buying bags) and I am in love. I was torn between this bag and a tote, but when the SA told me I could make the strap longer, to go across my body I was sold. So here is the bag!
    Coach Bag (2).JPG Coach Bag (3).JPG Coach Bag (8).JPG Coach Bag.JPG Coach Bag (5).JPG
  2. That bag is sooo CUTE!! Congrats! :tup:
  3. That is a fantastic bag. Congrats!!!. You carry it well!
  4. very nice!
  5. What a cute bag!! I have the charm to match the flower!! Congrats on your find! have fun in VEGAS!!
  6. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! It's friggin adorable!
  7. Cute! Congrats!
  8. That bag is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I love it!!! Congratulations!!!
  9. ooooo...aaaa...VERY NICE! I like that it can also be a crossbody. Nice pick!
  10. i really love that bag! especially since you can make the strap longer!! that must be a duffle?? Never seen one that pretty!
  11. Cute, great bag!
  12. Cute!

    They had that style at the outlet yesterday in the 40% off section!
  13. that is a great bag. i have been deciding to buy it or not- it looks amazing on you and what a great DH you have!!!
  14. Cute bag! It looks great on you :tup:
  15. Adorable bag and you look great carrying it!