New bag-Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

  1. My birthday present from my boyfriend's fabulous parents arrived today. I love it! I'm going to use it on Saturday when I hit the bars for St. Patrick's Day!:greengrin:


  2. I love that bag!!!!
  3. WOW! That is SUPER cute... Congrats and have FUN!!!

  4. Great bag!! Congrats and happy birthday!
  5. Opps, didn't mean to rude.
  6. Oh yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY too... lol...

  7. jillybean307, congrats and happy birthday! :smile:
  8. Happy Birthday!!! Love the bag :smile:
  9. Oh that bag is gorgeous and it's in my favourite colour too!

    I really do hope you have a fabulous birthday :heart:3 =)
  10. Congrats and happy birthday!!
  11. that's beautiful. i mean, really, totally beautiful. I'm not a green girl at all but that bag has got me drooling!

    also,you are so unbelieveably lucky to have a boyfriend whose parents are that wonderful! i am totally envious. my boys parents hate me, and would never get me anything like that! congrats! :smile:
  12. Love it
  13. First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Second: I am drooling over your bag :drool:- it is TDF! I think I might have to have that next...perfect for spring & summer! Beautiful color, too! You are so blessed!
  14. Happy Birthday and Congrats on such a cute bag!!!!
  15. Happy Birthday!!!:party:
    Wow, lucky to have such great from boyfriend's parents!