New Bag on Lv website

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  1. Is anyone else in love with the bag that (i think) Kate moss is holding in the picture? I think it is gorgeous:heart: . Does anyone have info about it (what it is called, price, when it is going to be released?)
  2. [​IMG]
    This is the one i am talking about. About the bag, i could probably settle without the strap:shrugs:
  3. There have been several previous threads about this bag... ;)

  4. I'm not a fan of the bag, but I love the scarf Kate is wearing. I'm glad the fashion world didn't abandon Kate; she is one of the few, unique models!
  5. that is a cute bag~!
  6. I love kate and all, but sometimes i wonder what is so special about her. She's pretty and whatnot but there are other pretty models out there too like adriana lima.
  7. Isn't kate known because she's short??
  8. I just think her lookis very unique , I admit she is by far not the most beautiful model out there but shes STUNNING and in person EVEN MORE STUNNING.... I was in soho and i saw her coming out of the marc jacobs store, you just can't help staring ...there is no one out there that looks like her. Definitely my favorite model!
  9. She's not SHORT, but she's like 5'6"-5'7" which is not typical for models.....I like her, it's nice to see someone like her that was able to become a success in the type of industry where people won't even talk to you unless you're 5'8"-5'9"...she is skinny though......but this is part of what puts such unrealistic expectations in girls minds, the average girl is 5'3" in the USA...
  10. I love Kate Moss more than the bag.
  11. Perhaps I'm the only person who thinks Kate Moss never changes her facial expression... in every ad I see with her, it's always the same pout and vacant stare.
  12. Ditto!!
  13. Isn't that called the Stephen bag or whatever...? I think in the fall edition post someone posted a pic of this bag and said it was called Stephen.
  14. me too! I personally don't like this bag at all. Kate is one of my favorite models.
  15. I agree, kate has this certain look to her that is... I don't know. I think it's her eyes that attract me to her (kinda squinty in a good way)