New bag now or later??


Should I buy a khaki/ebony Legacy bag now?

  1. Go for it!

  2. Wait and see what comes out this fall.

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  1. Hi, I need everyone's help again. I just bought a white Legacy Leather Slim Flap in white, along with the matching wristlet and Slim Envelope Wallet, with the intent of using for this spring and summer. Now the khaki/ebony combo is catching my eye (see my other post). So now, I am thinking of buying either the Ali or the Shoulder Bag in khaki/ebony to use year-round, and particularly in the fall/winter months. But I'm afraid that if I buy it now, a new bag will catch my eye by the time fall rolls around. The slim flap with the matching accessories was a big purchase for me, so I want to be careful before I make another. Thanks for your help!
  2. Buy it now. Life is way too short and like the old saying goes, "You can never be too skinny, too rich, or have too many Coach bags".
  3. I don't worry about what new stuff Coach might come out with because if I pass on a bag I'll be doing the drilldown a year from now regretting that I didn't buy it. :yes:
  4. Legacy bags sell out you never know if there going to get more stock in. I say go for it!
  5. Like StinkyMonkey said "life is too short" and I say 'tomorrow is never promised to any of us' If you love your new purchase, then enjoy it.
  6. I never pass up a chance to get a Legacy bag I am drooling over. I say go for it, because you never know when they'll be sold out. :yes:

    The Legcay bags are so classic and timeless, you absolutely can not go wrong with them. ;)
  7. Coachgirl,

    I have the Ali shoulder flap in whiskey (bought last year) and just bought the Legacy Leather Slim Tote in natural and adore both of them. The legacy line is so stylish, and these items will get lots of use. I have seen some of the Legacy line sell out, but it depends on what you hope to find.

    How are you using your new Slim Tote? Any pics to share?:jammin:
  8. I love the khaki ebony, if you don't feel as though you must get it now, you might want to wait. A lot of new things may be out between now and then.
  9. go for it!!! i love that bag!!
  10. I say go for it.
  11. never put off until the fall what you can do in the spring :smile:
  12. depends on how much you like legacy. i LOVE it so i wouldn't pass up a good bag. ;)
  13. I voted GO FOR IT! :yes:

    I have a Mandy in Khaki/Ebony and its GORGEOUS!:heart:
  14. I say go for it!!!
  15. I say wait until the Fall for a New bag.