New bag missing authenticity sticker!

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  1. So I just purchased a brand new Chanel Deauville Tote from the Heathrow T5 Chanel boutique yesterday and while looking it over today at home I noticed it was missing the authenticity sticker. The authenticity card was in the bag but the sticker is completely missing. The little leather tab that it's supposed to be on is completely smooth, so I don't think it was ever put on. What should I do? Do you think if I take it to my local Chanel boutique with my receipt they can send it off for repair and have it put on? I would exchange it if they have another one in stock, but I think they're completely sold out here. I'm so baffled by this as this is the first time this has happened. Please help. Thanks! I've attached a picture for reference.
  2. Have you called and asked?
  3. No, not yet. I was going to ask my SA here to see what I should do. This is just so weird, it's like they forgot to put it on.
  4. is it ok to laugh at this a bit? :amuse:seriously? where is quality control here... i wouldn't keep it, personally. no way. i'd send it back for the sticker or replacement
  5. Yes that's just unacceptable
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  6. The first contact you should reach out to is the boutique at Heathrow and customer service.
  7. That doesn't seem right, I'd call the store where you bought it from asap! Even though it is new, makes me wonder if it was bought and exchanged before you? Very odd indeed.
  8. Oh wow, this would be a big deal to me too. Call them!

  9. The sticker was damaged, and I didn't feel confident in my ability to get it back on and have it look like an authenticity sticker should look. I returned the bag and sticker to Chanel to see if it could be fixed. I wasn't optimistic, but it was a bag I really wanted to keep (Coco Handle). When the bag came back I wasn't satisfied with "repaired" result and returned the bag.

    I am no expert but, given my experience, I don't think they can get you a new sticker. I am sure you are like me and don't want a brand new Chanel bag that has no authenticity sticker. I would definitely suggest talking to Chanel about it. Given that you bought it at Heathrow and going back there isn't feasible, I would go to your local boutique, show them the tab (and lack of sticker), and your receipt. See what ideas they have.
  10. omg this is so ridiculous!!! what happened to QC?!?!!! :cursing::mad: yeah, definitely see what your nearest boutique can do for you. good luck, please post an update.
  11. I've came across a GST once that had 2 black tabs, one with the sticker and one without... It was pretty odd!!

    Def go back to the boutique, sticker should not be missing!!
  12. !!!!! Ridiculous!!!! Im really beginning to wonder if I should get the rest of the bags on my chanel wish list!
  13. I would for sure not keep this bag, even if I loved it. This isn't ok. You would expect this would have been notices if there was a quality check ... It shows us once more to properly check a bag before/asap after purchase.

    I can also relate to your 'bummed' feeling about returning a bag you really want to have in your collection! :crybaby: