New bag joy! Share your joy here :D

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  1. Yippeee!! I bought a Brooke today, from Cheshire Oaks!!! So that's one wish list bag crossed off. It's "lemon"....and there was me saying I'd never buy a yellow bag, but really it's more of a cream colour than a yellowy lemon. I am sooooo chuffed! :yahoo:

    I also bought two belts (ten quid each - amazing) and a small oak luggage label to go on my E/W Bayswater.

    Anyone else with a new bag care to share their joy? :nuts:

    Toni xx
  2. Congrats Goldfinch.So pleased for you.:party:
  3. may be getting an alana purse just waiting for feedback regarding the purse. did you notice how much the alana bag was if they had any in? x
  4. Sorry Bayley, I can't remember seeing an the Emmy similar? Because they had one of those in a pale cream colour, it was £247 I think.

    Next time I go I'll make sure I write down which bags they have, and the prices. Oh! If anyone is after the new brown patent Bayswater, they have one of those. And there was a cream Bayswater as well.

    Sorry I can't be of more help :sad:
  5. :yahoo: congrats, do we get modelling pics?
  6. the emmy is the larger one yes thankyou for the speedy reply. i have my eye on one on eBay from a genuine mulberry seller but i think the prices are higher than the outlet. i visit york quite often but they only have a tiny selection. i saw a celery roxanne in there the other day the start of the spring summer range it was gorgeous but far too light for me i prefer a darker shade of mulberry
  7. Hey goldfinch, I hope you don't mind me asking but how much did you pay for your brooke? I got one for Xmas!
  8. Hi Daisy, it was £147 :smile: Lucky you, what colour did you get?
  9. I got Lemon too! Am just waiting for summer so I can show her off!
  10. Yippee!! I can't wait either. I'm going to see if I can get hold of a lemon strap to use sometimes if the chain gets a bit impractical, would you like me to look out for one for you too?

    BTW you know you need to get a red Mabel, I'm with all the others on this. It would look so gorgeous against your lovely dark hair!
  11. I don't know if you're aware but Mulberry don't like people changing the straps on their bags :rolleyes: However, the Emmy also came in Lemon. There's nothing to stop you contacting the Mulberry repairs department and ordering "a replacement strap for my lemon Emmy" ;):lol:
  12. ^^^pics. pls. Sounds like a yummy summer colour.
  13. Aha! Thanks for the tip ditab!
  14. God I was just thinking that too about the emmy strap as I have an emmy but its a diff colour! I am hum hum on the red mabel, loving this bag! Keira Knightley has the large one I think and I love her look, and since I saw Alexa Chung with a guitar strap on her roxanne I've been scouring everywhere for one for my rosemary, hopeless celeb follower that I am.

  15. I really liked that long strap on Alexa's Roxanne, too. Wonder what Mulberry thought about it?! :lol: Would have thought that would be easy enough to pick up a guitar strap on eBay - or any random music store, really.