New bag is coming!

  1. I am so excited. It will arrive this coming Monday by Fedex...too bad I have to go to work on Monday.. will post pitures after I get it.. it is going to be my first black Chanel bag and the fifth in a month! I can't believe this. DH is going to faint when he sees the box...
  2. Well? Don't keep us in suspense! What bag??:p
  3. Emmy knows! She helped me to decide whether it is for me!
  4. Congrats!!!!!!
  5. Can't wait to see what you got! I can relate to the five in one month. I told myself I was only going to buy one spring bag as my "last hurrah" bag until fall 07. Well, I kept my word for one spring bag but also ended up with two others from fall 06 that I couldn't pass up, all three purchased in the same month! My Nordstrom s/a loves me. :graucho:

    Hopefully you can track fedex and duck out of work when it arrives!!
  6. So we have to wait til Monday to know which bag it is? :whistle:
  7. A hint.. it is a flap... but not classic flap... not rock n chain... :p
  8. distressed look, calfskin leather I believe... and huge CC on the flap - this should give it away :yahoo:
  9. :wlae: Yay, can't wait to see your pics! :wlae:
  10. Man this is torture!!!! Cannot wait to see it!!!
  11. congratz! cant wait to see the pix!!
  12. oooohhhhh!!!
  13. :nuts: I know what it is....Can I tell?!?!? :nuts:
  14. ^SPIT IT OUT EMMY!..or else we shall smack ya upside the head with our chanels......LOL..JOKING!
  15. ^LOL!
    anyway, congratz!!cant wait to know and see..hehe