New bag in store

  1. Earlier on, I dropped by my store for some shopping 15 mins too late - they were closed. But I was so excited to spy a new bag. Here is a picture. This was the best pic I could do. Enjoy! :yahoo:
  2. Whoa...what's that white tote at the front?! :biggrin:
  3. OOOOHHH MY!!!!!

    Thanks for the link!!
    I don't love it...but I sure am relieved that I really like it!! Except the miroir tag with Louis Vuitton Paris looks kind of...out of place. Hmm. Guess I won't show that side to people!
  4. Do you gals think the small one is the PM? I hope so!!! I'm in LVOE!!!!!!
  5. Ohh thanks for showing the photo...I lvoe it:heart:
  6. Thanks for the photo, very fun to spy after hours!
  7. GREAT pic!!! That LVOE 2 tote looks sooo hot!

    I'm looovin' the Alzers in the background! :tup:
  8. WOW..what store has this>????
  9. woahh the PM looks so small in that pic!
  10. thanks for the pic! can't wait to see the LVOE2 tote IRL
  11. !!!!!! IT'S OUT I WANT NOW!

    What store was this? Has anyone received a call from their SA yet? Mine hasn't...I'm waiting!
  12. anyone know the retail in CDN or US??? if the one on eBay is selling for $600ish, can't be too much...
  13. ^^
    Pm: Us$570
    Mm: Us$675
    Gm: Us$855
  14. Ooh i want to see these IRL. Look pretty from the pics :yes: