NEw bag in Sept Allure

  1. This might be old news, but there is the CUTEST new LV bag in the new 108, I think. It has a leapord print top with the monogram bottom!! Does anyone know the name of this bag? Are there any other styles in this same print??

    I think the mag said that this bag retails for like 4 K...expensive but GORGEOUS!!!:smile:
  2. I forget the name of them. I think there are 3..the one on page 108 and another that looks similar to the Hermes Birkin and it comes in 2 sizes, the smaller of which has a tortise shell link strap..there's an ad for them in the front of the magazine as well.
  3. It is so cute...I want to see it in person, though:smile:
  4. I'm really not sure that you will..I think they're special order only. Or if they DO come to stores, they'll be few and far between like the Vienna line was.
  5. UGh oh is probably not practical, and i need my next LV to be an everyday sort of bag :sad:
  6. I saw the picture. I don't think I could personally carry this bag - I think it is a little showy!!
  7. I think I read on this board that it's called Lippicat or something. If you do a search with that name, you'll get the topic about it. :smile:
  8. Hi everybody I saw that too and it is gorgeous!
  9. What are you looking at: Le Catalogue?

  10. No, it's the new issue of Allure with Christina Aguilera on the cover.
  11. haha, because of what you posted, I was so anxious to know what exactly you were talking about and went out to buy the magazine! haha, yes it's beautiful and I'd buy it if I were massively rich! lol