New bag in pink!

  1. My daughter (13 years old) just got this as a gift today (from Puerto Rico)...Has anyone seen this bag yet? I haven't seen it in stores around here....I think it's so pretty...
  2. It's cute! I've seen it at the outlet recently.
  3. It's really cute - hope she enjoys it.
  4. I haven't seen it but it's sooo adorable. I'm sure she will love it.
  5. Cute!
  6. Cute bag!! She will love it for sure!!
  7. Very cute! Love the pink.
  8. Very pretty....
  9. I have that same bag. DH bought it for me a few years ago - it's from either 2003 or 2004. I love it but have only carried it once or twice and pink is my favorite color.
  10. Be sure to use a protectant spray - I have heard everyone say Appleguard. I have that bag in white and am scared to death to use it due to the fabric - need to go get me some Appleguard too!! I only used my white optic tote a few times without protectant and it already looks pretty dirty.
  11. Cute. Perfect for a young girl.
  12. Cute- very similar to a bag I got my 13 yr old niece
  13. So cute
  14. Cute! I saw that at the outlet too and almost bought it.
  15. That's very cute! :heart: I've seen that at the outlet as well.