New bag...I am intrigued!!!

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  1. I came across this photo of Emma Bunton and I am curious about her bag.
    I am almost certain it is Mulberry, but not one I have seen before! I know she is a fan of Mulberry and probably get advance bags.

    Any ideas? It looks like a cross between the Jody, the pocket of the Westminster and even has the postmen's lock.
  2. There is supposed to be a Jody shopper which I have not yet seen on the website. Wonder if thats a possibility??

    Whatever it is, I like it.
  3. Cute! I'd buy that.

  4. ^^^^So do I!!!
    I think the colour and gold hardware are just like a Jody. I know my Mulberry...and this IS a Mulberry bag!
  5. I love it with that yellow coat, too! Kl - find out what bag that is!!!
  6. Oooh, that is cute! And it looks big too! I love bigger bags. I wonder if the handles are long enough to go over the shoulder. I just can't deal with a bag I can't throw on my shoulder. I'm crossing my fingers it can be worn on the shoulder ... though I really should be crossing my fingers that it's a handheld bag, considering what I just spent on Mabel!
  7. I think it's too rigid for the jody , maybe MJ ??
  8. I don't think it is a Mulberry, actually. The handles don't look familiar; the strap which goes around the bag at the top, the zipper ring pull, the front pocket - they don't seem very Mulberry to me, either.

    Happy to stand corrected, though. It's a lovely bag.

    Keri, if you post it in the main Handbags section here, maybe someone will be able to identify it for us :yes:
  9. Me neither , maybe a Chloe , YSL, ??????????????????
  10. Mulberry don't usually use those hinges for handles - they're very Anya Hindmarch although don't think this is one of hers.
  11. ^^I am not sure it is Mulberry, I was just curious.

    To be fair though, when you all fist saw the Poppy and the Agyness...didn't you think THEY weren't Mulberry style?

    Just saying....
  12. I have seen that bag about in different colors,and I have to say,I had to do a double take.It does look very Mulberry with the oval plate and turnlock on it,I wondered if it was a new type Mulberry with the hinge/ring type arrangement for the handles.I'd be very curious to know what it is too,I really like it.
  13. Well the front plate looks like a lock you push down rather than a turn lock and that's very Prada, so maybe it's a Prada.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^ Mmm,is it a push down lock thing? I did'nt get that from the pic,and I've only seen them as other ladies are walking past with them,so I have'nt been able to have a good old scrutinise!!! Maybe it is a Prada then,now I am quite intrigued!! Nice bag though,and I have liked some Pradas I've seen before (I loved the gradient ones) so it could be their designer brings out things that are a bit in tune with my tastes?